Friday, 21 February 2020

In Room 6

In room 6 we had Shib in to shown us  how to play cricket. We went to Ahaura Domain to play Cricket. I enjoyed playing Cricket with my class.

Friday, 14 February 2020

My goal's

In Room 6 we had to set goals for School and home. What I found hard was getting all my idea down. What I found easy was thinking of my goals. I think I have good goal's to do.

Dear Zoe 
At the moment my favourite activity is skipping and making  paper flowers and baking. My favourite pepall are Mum and Dad , Logan , Nana’s , Granddad, Billy and Dusty. What I like is how I got a now teacher and how I can sit with all my friends. My dislikes are getting up in the morning. My best friends are Haylee ,Sophie Tahlia and me. In five years I see myself better from my seizures. I hope that I am seizure free and healthy. 
My  goal's are 
  • Reading: Aim to get more green on reading plus. 

  • Writing  goal: extend my sentences to deepen my writing.

  • Maths: practice my maths strategies for adding higher numbers.   

  • Personal goal: is to drink 4 bottles of water a day. 

  • Social goal is to make some new friends. 

  • Something I am excited for this year? Seeing and trying new food each day.

  • Something I am nervous for this year? Tech and high school.

Dear Zoe

In Room 6 we had to write descriptive sentences about ourselves.  I found it hard to find ideas but this is what I came up with .What I found easy was when someone wrote the idea down.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Activity 1: The Rainman of Rajasthan

For the SLJ we had to find out about the Water Project. Here is my post.

The Water Project are helping people that do not have clean water. Here is some more info.

What is the goal of the organisation? To give people clean water. 

Where do they work? in places that do not have good water

What have they achieved? they have been saving peoples life

what I am grateful for

In Room 5 we where going back and thinking about what we are grateful for.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

All About Me

At  home I made a All about me post and her is mine. .

Why You Should Watch The Movie Klaus

In Room 5 we have been doing some Klaus activities based on the movie on Netflix. One of the activities was to write to someone about why they should watch the movie Klaus, I wrote to my dad.

Dear Dad