Friday, 14 February 2020

My goal's

In Room 6 we had to set goals for School and home. What I found hard was getting all my idea down. What I found easy was thinking of my goals. I think I have good goal's to do.

Dear Zoe 
At the moment my favourite activity is skipping and making  paper flowers and baking. My favourite pepall are Mum and Dad , Logan , Nana’s , Granddad, Billy and Dusty. What I like is how I got a now teacher and how I can sit with all my friends. My dislikes are getting up in the morning. My best friends are Haylee ,Sophie Tahlia and me. In five years I see myself better from my seizures. I hope that I am seizure free and healthy. 
My  goal's are 
  • Reading: Aim to get more green on reading plus. 

  • Writing  goal: extend my sentences to deepen my writing.

  • Maths: practice my maths strategies for adding higher numbers.   

  • Personal goal: is to drink 4 bottles of water a day. 

  • Social goal is to make some new friends. 

  • Something I am excited for this year? Seeing and trying new food each day.

  • Something I am nervous for this year? Tech and high school.

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